Special New Year Offer to Launch 2014

Increase Your Money Flow  ~ Reignite Your Relationship with More Passion  

Attract Your Special Someone  ~ Reach & Sustain Your Weight Goals


Whatever your goals are for 2014, reach them faster and more easily

with a personal strategy session and enjoy 20% off until February 14, 2014


Do you want to make more money in 2014? Do you want to revamp your relationship or meet that special someone this year? Perhaps you’re focused on improving your health or dropping a few of those holiday pounds…


If you've ever wondered why you miss the mark on reaching your goals despite knowing what it takes, you're not alone. Just as your computer needs an occsaional reboot to run smoothly, you also need a strategic clearing to remove the glitches in your operating system that unncessarily slow you down and delay the results you crave in areas of life and love.


In a private session I can help you remove the mystery, free you from the pressure and propel you forward with a strategy to create immediate results. I take a straightforward business approach that is 100% focused on delivering solutions, while at the same time revealing what's driving your choices and actions at the core so the success you create now, is long term success.


Sample Consultations for Men:                              Sample Consulations for Women:

Help Me Find the Right Woman!                                               Mend My Broken Heart ASAP!

Are you tired of being the good                                                     Do you find yourself wanting to

guy women say they want… who                                                   text, drink and dial or follow his

can’t find a good woman?                                                              moves online?


Speaking Female: What is She Upset About?                    Help Me Reach My Weight Goals!

Is she clearly aggravated about something                                   Are you tired of struggling to lose weight

even though she’s telling you that                                                 or keep off the weight you've lost? I've been

everything is fine…? Want some relief?                                        there and I've got simple strategies to keep

                                                                                                               you fit without burning out or over-restricting!

  • Improve Money Flow
  • Break Bad Relationship Patterns
  • Re-Create Yourself Personally or Career wise
  • Attract a Fabulous Partner
  • Be Irresistible Over 40
  • Build Your Confidence and Presence for Personal & Professional Gain
  • Improve Your Public Speaking
  • Make Your Website More Effective At Conveying Your Message
  • Get More Career Opportunities to Come Your Way


These are just some of the areas I can help you with.

Schedule Now and launch your success for 2014


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