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"I combine my innate skill as a high intuitive with a strategic, result-focused approach that removes the mystery, shifts patterns quickly, and generates results.  ~Charly





What is a Personal Strategist —exactly?

I pioneered the practice of Experiential Recycling because I knew there was a way to achieve results faster while expanding personal awareness, power & performance.


These are just some of the areas I can help you with:

  • Improve Money Flow
  • Break Bad Relationship Patterns
  • Re-Create Yourself Personally or Career wise
  • Attract a Fabulous Partner
  • Be Irresistible Over 40
  • Build Your Confidence and Presence for Personal & Professional Gain
  • Improve Your Public Speaking
  • Make Your Website More Effective At Conveying Your Message
  • Get More Career Opportunities to Come Your Way



Private Sessions (all sessions available in person, via Skype or Phone)

VIP Services for Executives, Celebrity Clientele and High Profile Lifestyles

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Special Sessions FOR HIM:

Help Me Find the Right Woman! Are you tired of being the good guy women say they want… who can’t find a good woman? There’s no doubt things are more complicated these days with all the mixed messages you get from women —and yet there’s no reason why you can’t attract the kind of relationship you want. In 90 minutes I’ll help you figure out where the glitches are and create a simple strategy for attracting what you want. 90 Minutes $295 Schedule Now


Speaking Female: What is She Upset About? Is she clearly aggravated about something even though she’s telling you everything is fine…? Whether you’re married, single or trying to date without the drama, there’s nothing more exhausting than not understanding the woman in your life. It creates unnecessary stress —and most importantly may hinder your sex life! I’ll give you simple, clear cut insight you can use to cut the miscommunication and increase the sizzle! 90 Minutes $295 Schedule Now


Special Sessions FOR HER:

Mend My Broken Heart ASAP! Do you find yourself wanting to text, drink and dial or follow his moves on facebook? Heartbreak can be unavoidable and yet there are specific things you can do to get over him more quickly. I’ll (1)help you pinpoint the real reasons behind your broken heart, (2)give you specific strategies for helping you heal more quickly and (3)show you how to recycle your ex into the best life and love have to offer! 90 Minutes $295 Schedule Now


Intimidating to IRRESISTIBLE Do you feel like your success or powerful persona intimidates the very guys you want to date? You are a fabulous woman who deserves a fabulous guy —and your success shouldn’t get in the way. I’ll show you how to shift from intimidating to irresistible so you can own who you are and attract what you deserve with power! 90 Minutes $295 Schedule Now



Perfect My Profile with a Simple Strategy Tired of getting bogged down with winks and emails from Mr. and Ms. Wrong? While there may be no such thing as a perfect profile… you can definitely perfect your profile so it’s working for you effectively. Many people focus on being as attractive as possible which brings lots of attention from all the wrong people —I’ll help you attract the kinds of people you want to date so you can save yourself time, energy and aggravation plus add the bonus of a solid strategy to ensure you're using online dating as the productive tool it can be. 60 Minutes $195 Schedule Now

*3 Things Your Online Dating Profile Should Accomplish…watch video


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*Perfect Your Online Dating Profile

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  • On-Camera Talent (Theatrical & Personal)
  • Host, Speaker, Panelist 
  • Special Events Personality



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"Dear Charly, I just wanted you to know how much I treasure our time together and how much I love you and what you helped me to become. I never dreamed I could soar this high and become what I am and was meant to be." —Henna, CA


"Charly Wow! Awesome! I feel like the universe is looking out for me after spending time with you! I feel so very fortunate to know you and truly appreciate your guidance! Sending good wishes your way…" —Julie, OR


"Hi Charly! I'm just thinking about you and wanted to check in & say hello. Everything is good with me! You have helped me out soooo, much which I truly appreciate. Thank you so much for everything!" —Karen, Encino, CA


"If you want your life to be the best it can be please keep reading. I met with Charly on the phone. She identified my conflicting behaviors, identifying how I sabotaged myself both professionally and personally. I had loved ones over the years that tried to tell me what I was doing and I did not understand what they meant until I spoke with Charly. She was able to communicate to me in a way that I finally understood what others were trying to tell for years. A light bulb went on and my life has been better for it. Since our meeting I received a raise at work and met the man of my dreams. I am now able to identify my skewed filters and am able to respond to them in a healthy, constructive way. In my relationships, I now have the tools to communicate what I need to be happy and healthy and am a better partner, friend, daughter and sister as a result.


Charly has a way of identifying our pasts, how it affects our behaviors and thoughts and is able to provide us with her wisdom and insight to improve our present and future. She identified I had everything I needed within, I just did not know it or have the strength to acknowledge it.


Thank you Charly, for coming into my life and changing it for the better. In return, I have changed others lives for the better as well." —Rebecca in CO


"I thought I had most of life figured out until in one session with Charly, I realized I was the one who could use a new perspective. It was hard to hear at first but I'm enjoying time with my wife for the first time in 10 years, which is also helping me in my business since I'm not so stressed anymore… Thanks Charly"—Back on track in CA


"Charly Emery is an energetic, bright, and vibrant young woman with skills far beyond her years. The phrase "people skills" is an understatement when it comes to Charly. She possesses an extreme capacity to listen, which sets her problem-solving skills ahead of others. She has the ability to be clear and concise. A session with Charly Emery is definitely a life-changing experience."
—Mr. Carey Lewis, CLM Management, CA


"Charly, thank you so much for the session the other day. Very few women get the real part of giving. When you give the way you do, you really do get heard and get back too. It's truly amazing! Thank you so much for making such a difference in my life!"—Lucy in CA


"Charly is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met, as a personal relationship coach she has the uncanny ability to cut right through to the core of an issue and come up with the perfect solution. I value her opinion and LOVE her new business handbook on how to attract the "ultimate relationship! I read the Charlyisms every night!"—AshaMollier; Former Model, Exclusive Events Coordinator and Founder of Water the Children


"Charly is a genuine person with a passion for life. Her "words of wisdom" stem from a combination of her personal experiences and her intuition of what may need to be said at any moment. It seems as though she gives just the right advice or direction at just the right time. Her energy is a breath of fresh air. Through my relationship with Charly, I have noticed that she takes each day as a gift and does her best to practice and live by the same advice and concepts she shares with others.


By helping me learn how to approach situations within the music business (or any type of business for that matter) and make choices based on what I want my overall outcome to be, Charly has assisted me in developing healthy business relationships and in becoming empowered and more confident. Knowing you are taking steps in the right direction, and feeling an understanding of where you're going and how you're getting there, gives you a sense of true confidence. Charly is fabulous! Whatever your journey, your goals, your life, or the changes you'd like to see in it, there is something you can and will gain from working with Charly. She is definitely a one of a kind." —Brooke, CA


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