Getting a Grip on Life

Why swearing off men or anything else, is NOT the best way to focus on you…

How many times have you said to yourself "I just need to focus on me right now?" Whether you've recently ended a relationship, endured a slew of disappointing dates or simply feel out of balance –swearing off men may sound pretty good. The reality? Swearing off anything in an attempt to gain greater personal focus doesn't deliver results you can depend on. Here's why. When you have to swear off men or anything else in order to focus on you, you're creating an unrealistic scenario. The key is learning how to put yourself first in spite of everything else in your life. Otherwise, you'll likely find yourself off kilter once you add whatever components you've eliminated, back into your daily equation. Then you'll have to swear them off once again, in order to regain your sense of balance. Do you see how easily it becomes a repetitive cycle? The problem is, when you cut things out, you create an opposite extreme, which doesn't help you hone your skills of putting yourself first consistently. It also means you haven't actually achieved balance.


Instead of putting on blinders to find what you're looking for, take a step back for a clearer view of what your overall life looks like on a daily basis. Consider what your needs are. Are you tired? Over committed? Drained? What do you need to recharge or re-focus?


Next, determine where you're getting off track or placing too much time and energy, as well as where and when you need to devote more care and attention to you. Last, follow through by making the necessary corrections that will help you restore what's lacking. Your greatest strength comes from learning how to assess your circumstances, clarify your needs, reset your priorities and put the boundaries in place that will help you accomplish what you desire, on a regular basis. Rather than swearing anything off –focus on you within the entire scope of your life and make your choices with power.


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